Kevin Liew
3D Modelling & Texture Artists




In order to bring an idea to life, one needs to seek a professional who understands and can interpret a client’s needs or ideas, in a basic form. This would help develop a framework for an artist to understand the overall goal(s) and to assist a client with artistic advice.Once a concept has been developed in the form or a style guide along color scheme, the next goal is to realize its basic form with either a drawing or a basic 3D model.

3D Modelling

With an idea in mind along with proper style guide, reference photos and color scheme, an artist is able to produce a 3D version of the model with the client’s needs intact. Developing the model is an ongoing piece of work, but would allow the client’s vision to come to life. With feedback, a 3D modeler, would be able to adapt to the details of a client. Once the 3D model has been approved by the client, texturing (painting) would proceed and be the next step.


Texturing will correlate the style guide, reference photos and color scheme, in order to realize the current 3D model. It would involve adding the correct details to the model, ensuring client needs are met. Colors and textures would be added to the model in order to match the client’s original request. Once completely textured, the model would be complete. Other added values of having a completed model would include staging/lighting the model, or transposing the model into a game engine such as UNREAL.


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